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Despite the fact that South East Michigan is the leading cannabis market within the Midwest, the industry is not given the credit it is due. The development of this field is one of the rare opportunities to popularize holistic healing as an alternative to addictive treatment methods, as well as build up the local – and minority – working class of Detroit.

This country is suffering under the weight of addiction to prescription substances. This city is suffering from increased costs of living and stunted wages. Cannabis can ethically provide relief from both issues. My passion as a writer is to spread awareness of the effects of cannabis, positive and negative, as well as strengthening the Detroit industry.

Ideally, we will be able to live in a world where we can discuss cannabis like we discuss any other medical substance and one where our cities are not split between the impoverished and the wealthy. Patients deserve to be reliably informed if they choose to put in the time to be, and Americans deserve livable cities.

No matter the level of your publication, I am always looking to contribute to the cannabis world. Medicine and psychology are rich interests of mine, so do not hesitate to discuss content that requires deep research with me. Contact me via

Thank you for perusing my website. All of the writing below is my own. Both Cannabis Tech and Cannabis Culture publish my work, helping me reach and serve an international audience. Las Vegas Cannabis Reviews is another publication that has published my work related to the cannabis industry. Please feel free to click any of the photos below and enjoy my content at your leisure.

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Karhlyle Fletcher: Detroit Writer:

Cannabis Journalist and Critic

Work History

With Cannabis Tech, I work to research and cover international stories related to every developing world of cannabis technology. My research ranges from the devices in use by police to test inebriation to researching the flavonoids and how they unlock cannabis’s gifts. No place is too far nor subject too complicated for me to make into an enjoyable story as long as it related to the cannabis industry.

With Cannabis Culture, I work to research obscure medical studies that the public deserves to be aware of. I also cover the larger context and state of the cannabis industry, as well as the culture. Most of my work comes from my own independent pitches which come from my own sources.

I have reviewed cannabis stores and products across the state of Michigan for Michigan Cannabis Reviews. I also wrote journalistic and analytical content for Las Vegas Cannabis Reviews.

These opportunities have lead me from Detroit to Portage, and many places in between. I’ve even traveled to Denver to analyze the differences between markets. 

Work Quality

It feels natural to have an easy time working with editing staff because throughout my entire life I have refined myself as a writer and as a creator. In addition to being passionate with a wicked sense of humor, I’m very well versed in journalistic and research-based writing. Editors find me to be refreshing because I maintain independence while always being a team player. 

As well as being incredibly comfortable on camera, I am a socialite who quickly becomes a familiar face. Gathering attention from people who are disinterested in cannabis is one of my specialties. I love convincing people who are against the substance that it deserves its own space. 

I can write any sort of content a magazine might require, edit video, run a blog, and do most anything I am asked to do. 

Work Visibility

Feel free to click on anything hyperlinked above on this page to view my work. All of them are examples of my nonfiction.

My creative writing is listed under my first name on Amazon.

Please don’t feel shy about contacting me. If you need any writing that has to do with cannabis, Detroit, research, holistic healing, mental health, bipolar, PTSD, diet, or any combination of the above, I’d love to work with you.

I am a member of the Detroit community and part of the Detroit industry, so I’m around the city. If you work within the industry or are often involved in it, it’s likely you will run into me. I love meeting people who are passionate about cannabis and look forward to meeting you someday if you’re in town.

You can always contact me via email.

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